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Care Certificate Assessor Training Licence

Purchase a license for our Care Certificate Assessor Training programme and ensure your, or your customers' assessors, can effectively assess the Care Certificate standards.

Whilst the introduction of the Care Certificate has been widely hailed as a positive move to improve the skills of the health and care workforce, there are genuine concerns about how best to ensure the quality and consistency of practice across organisations.

The Care Certificate Assessor Training workshop helps to tackle this challenge by ensuring Care Certificate assessors have the skills and understanding to undertake that role robustly and reliably.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this session, learners will be able to explain:

  • The principles and requirements of assessment linked to the Care Certificate
  • The different assessment methods that could be used when assessing
  • How to make assessment decisions for the Care Certificate
  • How to plan assessment of the Care Certificate
  • How to engage learners and others in the assessment of the Care Certificate
  • How to quality assure the Care Certificate assessment process
  • How to manage information relating to assessment of the Care Certificate
  • Legal and good practice requirements in relation to assessment of the Care Certificate

What’s included in the licence?

The licence gives you access to the following resources:

  • A Facilitator’s guide – We lead you through a tested one-day training workshop from planning to delivery, enabling you to deliver the knowledge that your learners need and ensuring you cover all the relevant topics.
  • Presentations – We provide you with a complete training presentation deck. The presentations have been designed to make each session engaging for your learners and to encourage active participation.
  • Activity Resources – These are evidence-based activities that support discussions about assessment and standardisation practices.
  • Care Certificate example workbook – The workbook contains real-life examples that enable you to deconstruct the answer and understand knowledge assessment.
  • Observation Sheet - Our exemplar observation Sheet demonstrates how important the 15 Care Certificate standards are within a workplace setting.
  • Access to an MIS System – As part of the licence we will issue you with access to our e-assessor online MIS system along with instructional guidance on using the platform. The training materials will be uploaded to the online portal so when you receive your licence log-in details your tutor will be able to follow the guidance document and download the resources needed to deliver the training.
  • Certification and registration fees for 50 registrations – We provide you with an enrolment form to enable you to register your course attendees. This licence allows you to deliver training for up to 50 individuals and lasts for 12 months, or until you have registered all 50 learners. Once the limit of 50 registrations has been exceeded, or 12 months has passed, you will be invited to renew your licence.

Who can purchase a licence?

The training programmes are licensed by the National Skills Academy for Health and available exclusively through our Excellence Centres. Licences will only be awarded to organisations that are Quality Mark assured and who have demonstrated their commitment to quality and meeting the needs of the healthcare sector.

Benefits of purchasing a licence

By purchasing a licence to deliver the Advanced Care Planning workshop, organisations can access a range of benefits including:

  • The confidence that you are using a package of quality assured training resources, prepared and tested by healthcare sector training experts
  • National marketing and promotion by the Academy, directing enquiries exclusively to licence holders
  • An easy mechanism for managing sales and recruiting learners to your courses via the Academy supported Skills Platform
  • The knowledge that your training is always up-to-date. If any aspects of the workshop change during the period of the licence, we will provide you with updated course materials

From a facilitator’s perspective, the programme contains many useful teaching resources and helpful tips for effective programme delivery. It also provides the opportunity for the facilitator to further develop their facilitation skills and incorporate a range of different learning approaches to ensure their training programmes are fully inclusive and meet differing learner needs.

Customer support

Throughout the licence period, the Academy’s development and delivery team will be on-hand to help you get going and make the most of your licence to deliver Care Certificate Assessor training - whether to your own staff and/or to staff from health and care organisations within your area. We will ask you for feedback from time to time and will also run occasional surveys with certificated learners to ensure that they, and you, are gaining real benefit from the programme.