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Quality Mark

The Skills for Health Quality Mark is the health sector’s first and only independent, sector specific quality assurance audit, providing a framework that defines and endorses superior learning and education.

Quality Mark endorsement
Achieving the Quality Mark means your organisation’s training provision meets a nationally recognised quality benchmark which epitomises the health sector’s finest ethics and values, whilst demonstrating a commitment to developing a safer, more competent workforce. We endorse your training delivery and verify that as a training provider you are in alignment with OFSTED requirements.

You will also be free to use the Quality Mark logo on your website and other marketing materials, helping you to raise the profile of your organisation’s offering.

With this award, you will also be eligible to get free access to the Skills Platform – our online training resource – as well as invitations to local and national networks.

Affiliate Provider endorsement
The Affiliate Provider endorsement helps your organisation measure its readiness for the Quality Mark. This award does not endorse your training delivery, but highlights your organisation’s quality assurance processes and its engagement with the health sector, ensuring it reflects the ethics and values required of the sector. This level of endorsement highlights that your organisation has the systems and processes in place to allow quality delivery. Evaluation of your delivery in practice can lead you to full Quality Mark recognition.

You will be free to use the Affiliate Provider logo on your website and other marketing materials, helping you to raise the profile of your organisation’s offering.

With all our endorsements, we will provide inclusive consultancy on development areas and you will receive priority referrals for Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) learners.

Who can apply?
Any organisation that offers education and training to the health sector can apply. Please note that your training provision doesn’t have to be accredited by an awarding organisation or professional body to be eligible, but must be delivered to the health sector or be training which will enable learners to enter careers within the health sector.

How much does it cost?

  • The initial cost of achieving the Quality Mark is £3,750
  • For Affiliate Provider endorsements, the fee is £975
  • Conversion from Affiliate Provider to full Quality Mark is £3000
  • All endorsements last for one year. To renew an endorsement, the cost is £975 per year

Please note that any travel and accommodation costs incurred during the onsite assessment may be charged as an additional expense in line with Skills for Health’s expenses policy.

The assessment process
The Quality Mark, on average, will take two months to complete. Throughout the assessment the following forms of assessment will be covered:

  • Portfolio of documentary evidence
  • Surveys of training staff, learners and commissioners of education
  • Onsite assessment
  • Observations of teaching, learning and assessment
  • Interviews
  • Learner portfolio/work reviews

The assessment of Affiliate Provider applicants will, on average, take one month to complete. And will follow the same format as the Quality Mark process with the exception of the onsite assessment.

How to apply
For further information about the Quality Mark or to request an application form, please complete our enquiry form

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