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#NAW2018 - Dillon LaBrooy - Human Resources Apprenticeship

Tuesday, 06 March 2018 15:48

dillon2Dillon LaBrooy joined the Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in November 2016. The apprenticeship involved Dillon completing pre-employment checks for new employees, such as bank Doctors and Nurses, as well as updating DBS checks and operating the Trust’s Staffbank booking system, by cancelling and booking members of staff. As an Apprentice in the Human Resources Department, Dillon completed a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Business Administration delivered by Weir Training. Here, Dillon gives details of her experience as an Apprentice and offers advice to anyone considering an Apprenticeship in Business Administration.

How did you find out about the apprenticeship?

I found out about my apprenticeship in Business Administration, whilst completing work experience at the Job Centre Plus in Guildford. Because my work experience was already admin focused, they suggested that I apply for the apprenticeship.

Why did you decide to complete an apprenticeship?

I decided to complete an apprenticeship because it allows me to gain experience of a working environment and gain the vital skills to take into an actual job role. Completing an apprentice also provides me with a useful qualification I can use to in order to apply for other jobs.

How has the apprenticeship benefited you?

The apprenticeship has benefited me because it has allowed me to complete a qualification in Business Administration, which has given me knowledge of an office environment, such as data protection and information governance, as well as how to use emails effectively and how to safely store information.

Being in an actual working environment of a Human Resources department also enables me to gain the knowledge and experience that I can then use if I gain an permanent job role, or can also be transferable to another administration type job in a different department.

Did you come across any challenges/difficulties?

One of the challenges I came across was being able to fit in time to complete the apprenticeship coursework around the normal working time at my placement.

What are your future plans?

My future plans are to successfully apply and get a permanent job role in my current placement or gain a similar administration role in another department at the Trust. I have also been selected to represent Team England in athletics at the Commonwealth Games at the Gold Coast in Australia, later this year.

What advice would you give to future Apprentices?

Manage the time you have been given for coursework in order to meet deadlines and stay ahead of work.