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City and East London Excellence Centre relaunch

Wednesday, 15 November 2017 09:50

Image: City and East London Excellence Centre.City and East London are hosting a relaunch of their Excellence Centre, with Barts Health as the host, continuing to grow their network within the geographical area, but also making stronger links to the National Skills Academy for Health national network.

City and East London originally launched their Excellence Centre in September 2016 and during that time have facilitated many initiatives to enhance the quality and accessibility of training for England’s healthcare support workforce.

Andrew Attfield, Associate Director Public Health at Barts Health in East London said, “We are excited to continue to support the development of the City and East London Excellence Centre.”

Image: City and East London are host relaunch.“The centre has brought together health and social care organisations and education providers to enhance opportunities and skills among support staff, who play a very important role. We want to continue with these partnerships, whilst growing our networking opportunities, sharing best practice and finding a collaborative approach to national initiatives too.”

“We’re looking forward to continuing our journey with the National Skills Academy for Health, to grow the centre and build on the partnerships we have developed to support career progression and opportunities locally.”

Candace Miller, Director of the National Skills Academy for Health, said: “It is a real pleasure to be working with Bart’s Health to improve access to better quality training for the health and care support workforce in the east end of London. The City and East London Excellence Centre is collaborating with a growing network of organisations, working collectively to coordinate, establish and implement high quality skills programmes and in turn, improve the quality of health and care service delivery across the UK. All of these organisations share the National Skills Academy for Health vision of a health and care support workforce able to access high calibre training that develops their skills and helps them to progress within rewarding careers.”

Barts Health NHS Trust is just one Employer Partner within the National Skills Academy for Health’s Excellence Centre network that spans from the north to the south of England. Interest in the centres has grown over the last few months, giving opportunities for new Employer Partners to join the network.

Image: City and East London are hosting a relaunch,Each Excellence Centre acts as a regional hub to develop strong collaborations between education and training providers and health and care employers from the public, independent and voluntary sectors. The Excellence Centre works to meet the local priorities of the health and care employers involved.  Collaborative action to support an increase in Apprenticeship training may be the top priority for one Centre, for example, whilst another is focussed more on creating the kind of talent pipeline needed to widen the participation of underrepresented groups within the local workforce.

Together the organisations making up each centre will design and deliver new learning resources for healthcare support staff, share training expertise and make best use of skills development facilities.

For more information on Excellence Centres, please contact Lynn Atkin, Network Service Manager, National Skills Academy for Health 

Mobile: 07768 235629

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