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The Healthcare Works Pathway

Wednesday, 28 June 2017 10:35

Image: The Healthcare Works Pathway.The City and East London Excellence Centre is hosted by Barts Health NHS Trust as part of the National Skills Academy for Health (NSAH). Behind the idea of the Excellence Centre was not just the ambition to sustain and develop world-class healthcare services, but a real desire to change the lives of local people.

The Centre aims to support the delivery of safe and compassionate care though supporting excellence and encouraging innovation in training local residents in the skills needed to run modern healthcare, seeking to address health inequalities by working with local partners and contributing to the local community.

To support this we are introducing an improved Healthcare Works (HW) pathway. This will help us to fill vacancies and develop a workforce that represents the local community. The NSAH programme is being delivered by Barts Health and will be rolled out in the City and East London Excellence Centre region in the first instance. Once the programme is evaluated and embedded it will be offered to the wider Excellence Centre network. 

The Pathway

HW seeks to increase the awareness of health careers and employability of local people through partnership work, apprenticeships, training and placements so they can access careers and secure positions at Barts Health and NHS Organisations in that region. The HW offer is a systematic response to the workforce needs of Barts Health and Excellence Centre partners whilst meeting the needs of the local communities in East London. It recognises that employment and improved skills are linked to improved health outcomes.

Healthcare Works - Career Events and Information Days

Career Events and Information Days are organised by local partners and the Public Health Team to allow local residents to find out more about health careers and be assessed for their readiness for employment.  The Information Days include assessment in English and Maths.  Candidates who are not yet ready are directed to further support whilst those who are ready are signposted to the HW course for jobs.  If the opportunity is an Apprenticeship, candidates will be assessed to see if they meet the specific requirements of apprenticeship positions.

a. Healthcare Works- Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are available to local people who need a training route to an NHS post. Successful candidates who clear DBS and health checks undertake a 2 week HW course and a 4 week work trial, take up an apprenticeship for at least 12 months and study towards a qualification whilst completing a fulltime placement. Candidates are recruited to a vacancy that will normally become permanent following successful completion of the apprenticeship.

For more information on the Healthcare Works Apprenticeships, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

b. Healthcare Works- Jobs

By working closely with local partners, Band 1-3 vacancies are made available to local people with some work experience. After passing the assessment for English and Maths, successful candidates complete a 2 week HW course and a work placement (if necessary) to develop an understanding and introduction to the Barts Health workplace. Candidates are then invited to join a pool, which offers early and direct access to vacancies in Bands 1-3 roles when they become available. 

For more information on the HealthCare Works – Jobs please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.