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Developing literacy and numeracy for safe, effective healthcare

Thursday, 24 March 2016 10:51

literacy and numeracy initial assessmentsWe are delighted to announce the launch of a new suite of functional skills toolkits to help healthcare employers assess literacy and numeracy skills across their organisation.

Patient safety, quality and productivity are all at risk if staff cannot communicate effectively, or have inadequate numeracy skills. The new initial assessment tests for reading, writing and numeracy can help identify development needs, increase staff confidence and help staff prepare for progression and future career development.

literacy and numeracy initial assessment tests for the health sector

The assessments are contextualised for the health sector and are available with assessor notes, marking sheets and assessment mapping documents.

literacy and numeracy initial assessment tests for the health sector

The functional skills toolkits are part of the Academy’s Knowledge Exchange - a free website developed for our Employer Partners, full of useful information and practical resources on learning and development in the healthcare sector.

In addition to the new toolkits, the Knowledge Exchange also contains resource libraries on topics such as dementia care and continuing professional development, along with news, articles, briefings, research, webinar recordings, videos and much more.

Exclusive access to the Knowledge Exchange is one of the benefits of joining our free Employer Partner programme. If you provide health or care services within England as part of the NHS or in the independent or voluntary sectors, then you’re eligible to become an Employer Partner – whether you have one employee or several thousand. It’s easy to apply and gain access to all of these great resources - click here for more information.