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A proven network of excellence

The network of Excellence Centres unites employers from the NHS, independent and voluntary sectors – as well as quality assured education and training providers – to coordinate, establish and implement high quality skills programmes. This collaborative approach aims to enhance the effectiveness of staff recruitment, development and progression and gives healthcare employers a vital, leading role in informing the sector’s skills development provision on both a local and national scale.

Each Excellence Centre is hosted by one or a consortium of healthcare organisations, both large and small, and is guided by an advisory network of local employers.

Excellence Centres are hosted in the following locations:

  • City and East London Excellence Centre
    Lead employer: Barts Health NHS Trust
  • South Yorkshire Region Excellence Centre - Website - Training Hub (on the Skills Platform)
    Lead employer: Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Southampton and Solent Southampton Excellence Centre
    Lead employer: University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
  • West Yorkshire and Harrogate Excellence Centre - Website - Training Hub (on the Skills Platform)
    Lead employers: Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust
  • North East & Cumbria Excellence Centre
    Lead Employer: South Tees NHS Foundation Trust
  • Humber, Coast & Vale - Website - Training Hub (on the Skills Platform)
    Lead Employer: York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Poole Excellence Centre
    Lead Employer: Poole NHS Foundation Trust
  • Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West
    Lead Employers: Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The Excellence Centre Network acts to:

  • Give healthcare employers a stronger voice and a leadership role in skills development, both locally and nationally
  • Support and encourage practical education and training collaborations, building a more flexible and motivated workforce
  • Collaborate on learning resource development and sharing, reducing costs and avoiding expensive ‘reinvention of wheels’
  • Recognise and promote high quality skills development provision that truly meets the needs of the wider healthcare sector
  • Partner with the best local training providers to ensure their programmes are relevant and viable
  • Make it easy for employers and individuals to find and access quality learning programmes and resources
  • Promote the highest quality of apprenticeship opportunities and training, as outlined in the Quality Principles for NHS Apprenticeships, to meet the needs of future services and models of care
  • Provide an accessible and relevant network through which employers, managers and individuals can stay up to date on matters affecting education and skills.

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Image: Excellence Centre info.

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