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Image: Candace Miller.Candace Miller

Candace is Director of the National Skills Academy for Health and a member of the executive team at Skills for Health. Candace heads the Consultancy, Research and Learning Services directorate, supporting organisations to gain outstanding results through skills development, workforce and service re-design, and organisational development.

Candace has had an extensive career at the forefront of vocational education and training developments within the U.K. After several years working for a major awarding organisation, during which time she led a research programme exploring the requirements for effective workplace education, Candace set up and ran a successful research and development consultancy. From the early 1990’s until she joined Skills for Health, Candace led, or participated in, a range of government led and/or sector based initiatives, all designed to drive up the quality of vocational education and training, and ensure effective employer leadership of skills development.

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