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Streamlining the Healthcare Workforce

Skills for Health has unrivalled expertise and methodologies to help your organisation streamline your workforce without impacting on quality of patient care.

The London Streamlining Programme is a prime example of the positive impact Skills for Health’s expertise and experience can have on your organisation’s workforce and service delivery.

Working in partnership, our expertise has enabled:

  • £5m savings a year through reduction of duplicate training
  • 1000s of man hours of data entry saved
  • Reduced time to recruit and hire candidates
  • Saving of over 37,500 man hours in training over a three year period
  • Joined up approach use of through Core Skills Training Framework

In response to excessive time and bureaucracy surrounding statutory and mandatory training, employment checks, and doctors’ rotations, we partnered with HR for London and NHS Employers to develop a vital, custom-made service for HR Directors and Trusts across London.

By bringing together people from London’s 39 Trusts, we worked collectively to identify best practice, agree on performance benchmarks, and then drive change to improve efficiency.

  • Benefits to London’s 39 Trusts:

    • Statutory and Mandatory Training
      • 192,000 staff hours and £5m per year saved through reduction of duplicate training, compliance rates increased from 53% to 80% and rising.
    • Junior Doctors’ Rotations
      • 1,700 man hours of data entry saved per year, 94% of transfers now automated to provide accurate, timely, and widely accessible information.
    • Employment Checks
      • Time from conditional offer to unconditional offer dropped from 41 working days to 8 working days. This equated to a monthly saving of £50,000
    • All London Trusts are sharing data to an agreed standard
      • Partnership agreement for next two years

    “Using the baselining and benchmarking information proved to be the key to providing a rationale for change which benefited the trust and our staff. We are confident that we got the right balance between reducing risk, maintaining the quality of training and achieving more for less.”

    Ali Webster Head of staff development, West London Mental Health Trust

Due to these impressive results and other benefits all London trusts have now signed up to our Core Skills Training Agreement for the next two years. Streamlining is just one way Skills for Health can deliver higher quality and greater productivity. To discuss in more detail what we can do for you please contact your country or regional representative.

  • Case Studies

    Streamlining saved Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust an estimated £50,000 per month. Discover how we did it here.

    Find out here how West London Mental Health Trust reduced the time spent on training by 83%, the equivalent to gaining 37,500 staff hours over a three year period.

Further Information on Streamlining

Image: Streamlining leaflet.Download our leaflet 'Streamlining the workforce towards a more efficient standardised healthcare system'
Download the Streamlining Programme overview here.
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