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Apprenticeship Training Workshops

Led by health and social care experts, our sector-leading training programmes and workshops provide participants with practical tools to enable them to make positive, lasting changes in their day-to-day work.

 Be Apprenticeship Ready Workshop

Delivered as face-to-face training or a series of webinars, this three-part introductory workshop gives you a solid grounding in all the practical actions you need to take, and pitfalls to avoid, when employing an apprentice. Learn how to overcome your fears associated with taking on these new members of the team, the ins and outs of the recruitment process, as well as the benefits, key legislation and responsibilities involved in working with young people. You will also get access to our downloadable resource pack – which includes FAQs, policies and procedures and more than 10 editable templates, such as an offer letter and application form – that will save you time when recruiting an apprentice within your own organisation. 

Mentoring and Managing an Apprentice Workshop

Aimed at those staff who will be managing or mentoring an apprentice, this workshop will explore the main roles and responsibilities of these two positions that are fundamental to the success of an Apprenticeship programme. You will develop the skills you need – and understand the regulations you must follow – to advise an apprentice in their learning, helping them to translate their off-the job training into a service that is flexible, efficient and of the highest quality. Through practical exercises, you will also discover how to challenge, motivate and encourage your apprentices – such as setting SMART targets and giving positive and negative feedback.

Safeguarding Learners in the Workplace Workshop

When taking on an apprentice, it’s crucial that your organisation has the right procedures, policies and infrastructure in place to support their learning and development – especially for those apprentices who are under 18. This workshop will give you the knowledge and tools you need to provide a safe, supported and well-managed working environment for your learners, so they can enjoy their role and make a greater contribution to your organisation. At the end of the session, you will know what measures you need to implement, which legislation you must adhere to and how to ensure your training provision meets the government’s Prevent strategy requirements.

Using Apprenticeships as Part of Workforce Planning Workshop

In this session, you will examine roles across your organisation and determine how to make best use of your apprentice funding to meet your business needs – whether that’s through upskilling current staff or creating new entry level roles. You will identify ways to utilise apprenticeship standards/frameworks for career development, which you can then integrate into your workforce planning, so you can be sure your organisation has the right skills to deliver high-quality care at an affordable cost. In this session, you will also explore the pitfalls to avoid during recruiting an apprentice, along with tips on selecting and ensuring your learning provider is fit for purpose.