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Apprenticeship Training Agency

The Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) makes it easy for you to take on an apprentice. We employ the apprentice on your behalf, taking on HR and performance management responsibilities, so you can benefit from productive new talent in your team without risk or additional administration.

Image: Apprenticeship Training Agency.We offer help and flexibility to both employer and apprentice and, should circumstances change, we will help find alternative and appropriate employment for the apprentice. Our full ATA service means that we will employ the apprentice and place them with you for the duration of their apprenticeship – or until you have a suitable vacancy you can employ them into, if that comes up before their apprenticeship programme completes.

We will work with you to clarify the role the apprentice will play, select the most relevant apprenticeship standard, shortlist and interview the best applicants for the role, be responsible for the payment of wages and support you to manage the performance of the apprentice within your organisation.

As part of our service, we will also work with you to find the best provider of apprenticeship training to meet your needs. We only work with registered apprenticeship training providers who meet stringent quality requirements. Our preference is always to secure training from those who hold Quality Mark accreditation – that way we can all have confidence that the apprentices will develop the skills, understanding and behaviours they need for a rewarding and successful career.

We work closely with the employer and approved training provider supporting all parties throughout the Apprenticeship to ensure each apprentice is receiving the best training and work experience.

After your apprentice is in post, your Academy single point of contact will oversee their progression – as well as handle any HR duties and performance management issues that may arise – throughout the duration of their contract.

Who can take part?

The ATA is open to all healthcare employers across the NHS as well as those within the independent and voluntary sectors. It may be particularly useful for organisations that are unable to employ an apprentice directly – perhaps because they can’t commit to the relevant apprenticeship standard/ framework timescales or have short-term restrictions on employee numbers.

Traditionally, levy paying employers were not able to transfer levy funds to any other organisation and were only able to use levy funds to pay for apprenticeship training and assessment (with an approved provider and assessment organisation, up to its funding band maximum). It was not possible to use the levy funds for wages travel or subsidiary costs, managerial costs, work placements, traineeships, or set up costs for an apprenticeship programme. However, changes are on the horizon as from 1st April 2018, levy paying companies can transfer 10% of their levy funds to Apprenticeship Training Agencies, which means you can discuss with us and use us to support your apprenticeship ‘levy’ needs.

Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) Foundation

For those employers happy to employ an apprentice directly, but who may benefit from support and guidance from an objective and trusted partner throughout the apprenticeship, then our ATA Foundation offer provides the ideal solution.

As with our main ATA service, we will work with you to shortlist and interview the best applicants for the job. We will help you to get ready to employ your apprentice and identify with you what needs to be in place before they begin their employment, including support with commissioning a suitably qualified training provider who understands your needs and who meets our - and your - high expectations. You will employ the apprentice, but we won’t walk away – instead we will be right alongside you to advise and assist you throughout that employment should you have any questions or issues, giving you the benefit of our many years of experience supporting apprentice development.

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