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Apprenticeship Capacity and Capability Support

Interested in employing an apprentice, but only need help navigating a particular aspect, such as recruitment? Or are you looking for a fully comprehensive service that guides your organisation through the apprenticeship process from start to finish?

Image: Apprenticeship Capacity and Capability Support.

Whatever your requirements, our experts can provide you with a bespoke apprenticeship support package that makes best use of your organisation’s expertise, budgets and resources.

The amount of support is entirely up to you. You can select any number of products or services, from conducting audits that verify your organisation’s readiness to manage apprentice programmes to coordinating job adverts and organising any necessary external training.

For those who will be managing and mentoring your apprentices, we can clarify any skills gaps they have and develop their role profiles. Lead managers can also benefit from working with an assigned advisor, who can offer personalised mentoring – so there is never any doubt that your apprentice is getting the right support at every stage of their development. Throughout your programme, we can also arrange quarterly quality monitoring visits to ensure your apprentice’s progression is on track, and that their learning environment is one that supports and encourages them to deliver care and services of the highest quality.

Who is this for?

Our support package will benefit those employers who don’t have the experience – or the in-house capacity – to manage or implement apprenticeship programmes but who want to be sure of the quality of their provision and to grow and develop their expertise. We understand what it takes to run a high-quality apprenticeship programme and, because we are an organisation dedicated to raising the quality of education provision, you can be confident that our advice is objective and aimed at helping you to deliver excellence for your apprentices.