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Your one-stop shop for apprenticeships

With a wide range of government apprenticeship reforms under way and the new apprenticeships levy taking effect from 6 April 2017 - plus funding support available for apprenticeships – it’s more important than ever for your organisation to be prepared and have an effective plan in place.

As the government focuses renewed emphasis on apprenticeships, apprenticeship targets are likely to be a central part of your organisation’s workforce development and new entrant recruitment. Are you ready to make the most of apprenticeships?

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How apprenticeships could benefit your organisation

  • Solve recruitment challenges
  • Retain and upskill current staff
  • Offer training tailored to your business
  • 95% of employers offer apprenticeships to maintain or improved future skills levels in the organisation
  • 80% want to improve productivity, 78% staff morale and 71% to bring in new ideas
  • 76% of employers say that productivity has improved
  • Qualified apprentices are 15% more employable than recruits with other qualifications, say employers

How we can help you

We are the UK's leading expert on practical aspects of healthcare apprenticeships delivery. We offer in-depth support, information, advice and guidance. Our aim is to ensure you make the most of apprenticeship opportunities and funding.

We’re here to help with impartial advice, sector-specific guidance and not-for-profit services developed for healthcare sector apprenticeships by healthcare sector experts.

We can:

Deliver Guide Help you save money
Manage Mentor Work with you
Coordinate Support Share expertise
Support Share expertise Recruit


Our services

The apprenticeships team provides advice and guidance on all aspects of employing apprentices. Whether you’re taking on an apprentice for the first time or developing strategies to maximise your return on investment, we can tailor our services to your specific needs.

  • Apprenticeship strategy

We can help you to develop a sustainable strategy for apprenticeships that will ensure your workforce is prepared to meet changing patient needs. We can help you explore the opportunities for apprenticeship programmes to create an effective, sustainable pipeline for skills development within your workforce and organisational plans.

  • Apprenticeship standards development

We can advise and guide you through the process of designing new apprenticeships standards, if you can’t find a relevant apprenticeship standard for a new role you’d like to develop.

  • Apprenticeship learning materials

We can support you to develop work-based training materials that will facilitate your apprentices’ job-specific learning and study, so that they develop the technical and employability skills needed to become a valuable member of the team.

  • Apprenticeship delivery

Through access to the Skills for Health expert team – you’ll receive all the benefits of an ongoing supportive relationship with an objective, trusted, experienced organisation to deliver your apprenticeships. We can help to identify which apprenticeship programmes would benefit your organisation and provide training that will develop the skills of members of staff who will be responsible for your apprenticeship scheme. We can also offer practical support to help you include apprenticeships as part of your workforce development.

  • Apprenticeship quality assurance

To help you meet the right quality and delivery standards, we can advise you on best practice principles, audit your compliance and help you engage with our network of quality assured providers, giving you confidence in the quality and relevance of training and assessment.

  • Apprenticeship programme and fund management

If you need support with managing your apprenticeships programmes, levy funding and financial administration, we can offer funding management services that remove the need to employ a member of staff with specialist skills in this area.

  • Apprenticeship end-point assessment

When the time comes to validate the final stages of your apprentices’ journey, talk to us about how we can support end point assessment as part of our services to you.

  • Apprenticeship impact assessment

Our expert team will support you to evidence what you have achieved against what you set out to achieve, based on your objectives. We can also help you to demonstrate the impact this has had on your service.

  • Apprenticeship standards development

We can advise and guide you through the process of designing new apprenticeships standards, if you can’t find a relevant apprenticeship standard for a new role you’d like to develop. Click here for more information.

"We are a large, complex organisation that has taken the first steps into integrating apprenticeships with a view to make this an intrinsic part of our employment structure in the future. The NSA has been essential in the success of this venture.

"Anticipating and advising and intercepting in problems that have arose. Steering us through sometimes difficult employment situations, interacting fantastically with managers, HR personnel, staff and apprentices alike."

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust

Find out more

If you need assistance with any of these areas, please contact us today This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 0117 910 2286

The Apprenticeship Levy – are you ready?