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What do Healthcare Apprenticeships have to offer?

Thursday, 13 April 2017 15:14

Written by Kate Smith

Heather Tatton and Brazil Gomez 1Apprenticeships can provide great alternative routes into a variety of careers across all sectors and none more so than in the healthcare sector. With the current apprenticeship reforms placing greater emphasis on the role apprenticeships will play in workforce development, can you afford not to be in the know? 
The benefits for employers, patients and the learners themselves are well documented. In a recent survey, the most popular driver (cited by 95% of employers) was to maintain or improve future skill levels in the organisation. Other motivations included: 
Improved product or service quality (82%) 
Improved productivity (80%)
Improved staff retention (78%)
Improved staff morale (76%)
Improved ability to attract good staff (73%)
Bringing new ideas into the organisation (71%) 
For The employer: Apprenticeships increase loyalty to the organisation and most apprentices stay with their recruiting employer resulting in a consistent and cohesive approach to patient care. Employers recruiting apprentices recognise it as an effective way to:
Retain and upskill their current staff
Fill the skills gaps that exist within their current workforce 
Grow their business and solve recruitment challenges
Provide training that’s tailored to the needs and requirements of the business
Minimise disruption by offering learning that can be delivered in the workplace. 
For the patient: Apprentices tend to be eager, motivated and flexible – they are likely to be with patients because they want to be, having made an active choice to learn on the job and committed to a specific career.
For the apprentice: For the apprentice, there is nothing quite like getting first hand experience (after all, isn’t that what most employers are looking for?). They can earn while they learn, and achieve a nationally recognised qualification.
Apprenticeships can be offered by individual NHS employers (such as trusts and health authorities), and by other non-NHS employers. You may be surprised to know that apprenticeships are offered in a variety of roles throughout the UK health sector.
Below you will find some of the apprenticeships that could help you fill skills gaps in your organisation:
1. Health, public services and care (including dental nursing, clinical support workers, healthcare assistants, occupational therapy assistants, dietetic assistants, physiotherapy assistants, radiotherapy assistants, pharmacy assistants and pharmacy technicians).
2. Administration and human resources (including business administration)
3. Financial services (including accounting and payroll)
4. Health informatics
5. Hospitality and travel (including hospitality and catering)
6. Information technology and communications (including IT user, marketing and communications)
7. Logistics (including purchasing and supply management, warehousing and storage)
8. Electrical and engineering (including building services, heating and ventilating, mechanical engineering)
9. Management
10. Property (including cleaning and support service industry)
Skills for Health is the UK’s leading, not-for-profit, authority in healthcare apprenticeships, recognised by the Government as a specialist, impartial, objective source of advice and guidance.
We offer a range of services and practical support, whatever the size of your organisation so take a look at our website or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0117 910 2286.