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Conflict resolution e-learning course

Develop an awareness of the risks of providing public help and learn how to deal with conflict. You will also gain an understanding of what help is available to effectively and safely support you in trying to resolve conflicts.


There are occasions when staff in the healthcare sector can experience verbal abuse and, in exceptional circumstances, physically abusive behaviour from patients, other staff or visitors whilst trying to do their jobs.

The key aim of this programme is to make you aware of some of these risks, and help you deal effectively and safely with them.

The course has been developed as blended learning.

Course content

  • Session 1 - Introduction to Conflict Resolution
  • Session 2 - Protecting Healthcare Staff from Conflict
  • Session 3 - Behaviour During Conflict
  • Session 4 - Our Role in Reducing Conflict
  • Session 5 - After Conflict


  • 1 hour 30 mins approx

What will learners get out of it?

  • Learn how to recognise and address signs of stress in patients
  • Show how to deal effectively and safely with potential conflict situations involving service users or colleagues
  • Develop the skills required to get the right balance between giving care and being safe

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at all staff throughout the health and social care sector, in particular:

  • New starters in any organisation
  • Existing staff who would benefit from an opportunity to consolidate their experience and update existing knowledge

Please also refer to NHS Protect’s training delivery guidance.


Learning progress and test results can be tracked by managers for internal development and learners can keep a certificate of completion for CPD.

Accreditations & Endorsements

This course was originally commissioned by the Department of Health and has been developed by NHS Employers. The NHS Counter Fraud and Security Management Service have endorsed this course.

Core Skills Framework

Please ensure you read through the Framework requirements for Conflict Resolution before starting this course. This course has been developed to assist NHS organisations in England in helping to meet requirements. There are also specific requirements from NHS Protect around face-to-face training.

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