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Devon Excellence Centre

The National Skills Academy for Health's Devon Excellence Centre is hosted by Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust. As the regional hub, we will be developing strong collaborations between training providers and healthcare employers from the public, independent and voluntary sectors to design and deliver new learning resources for healthcare support staff, share training expertise and make best use of skills development facilities.


  • Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust to lead development of Devon Excellence Centre

The National Skills Academy for Health (NSA Health) is delighted to announce that Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust will lead the development of its new Devon Excellence Centre to improve the quality and accessibility of training for the regional healthcare support workforce.

Darryn Allcorn, Director of Workforce and Development at the Trust, said: “We are very proud and excited to be selected to lead the development of the Devon Excellence Centre. “The centre will bring together health and social care organisations and education providers to enhance opportunities and skills among support staff, who play a very important role.

“We’re looking forward to working with NSA Health to launch the centre and to building on the partnerships we have developed to support career progression and opportunities locally, such as the Care Academy in Barnstaple.”

Petroc, the college that co-runs the Care Academy and also works closely with the Trust through apprenticeships and other schemes, will be a key education provider in the Devon Excellence Centre.

Shaun Kershaw, Care Academy Co-ordinator, said: “The inclusion of the Care Academy within such a prestigious and nationally-recognised Excellence Centre model is reward for the positive nature of Petroc’s partnership with Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust. It will enhance greatly the opportunities for young people in North Devon to build rewarding and long-term careers in health and social care. We are absolutely delighted with the news.”

candace millerCandace Miller (left), Director of the National Skills Academy for Health, said: “The National Skills Academy for Health’s vision is to create a qualified and transferable workforce, with every individual recognised and valued for the skills they have and encouraged and enabled to develop the skills they want and need.

“Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust had clearly given a great deal of thought as to how becoming a National Skills Academy for Health Excellence Centre would help them develop the skills not only of their own healthcare support workforce but those of all the other organisations with whom they work. Their bid and presentation showed them to be a proactive organisation, and one which shares our belief that, by employers working together, we will drive up quality and access to training for the wider healthcare workforce. We are delighted to welcome them into the network.

“This partnership will endeavour to ensure employers and learners alike achieve their goals. And of course we'll be encouraging and sharing many more examples of best practice.”

How the Excellence Centre model works

National Skills Academy for Health Excellence Centres act as regional hubs to develop strong collaborations between training providers and healthcare employers from the public, independent and voluntary sectors. 

Each Excellence Centre has a Regional Advisory Group, made up of employers and other stakeholders, which, in turn, work with the National Advisory Group. The Groups collaborate to identify local and national training needs and design development solutions to improve the competencies of healthcare support workers.

Smaller healthcare organisations are a particular focus of engagement, with the development process aiming to reach out to a broad range of employers including hospices, care homes, dentists, GP surgeries and pharmacies.

Contact information

For further information about the Devon Excellence Centre, please contact the Network Services Manager, Lynn Atkin, by calling 07768 235629 or via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..